I play full size Scottish Highland bagpipes which were made for me in 1964 by Pipe Major Donald McLeod, who at that time was employed by Grainger & Campbell at their shop in Glasgow. I wear full Highland dress and can offer the choice of the following tartans: Ancient Red Mackintosh (muted colours), Royal Stewart (red) and Gordon (green) kilt and full plaid, rifle green high collared doublet, white horsehair sporran with black tails, Glengarry bonnet with blackcock feather, diced hose and buckled shoes. Contingent on weather conditions, during the summer months I frequently wear a white doublet with any of the above tartans. This dress is very traditional and is based on the uniform of all Scottish Military Pipe Bands. 

Having a full repertoire of traditional Highland piping melodies, I can recommend suitable pipe music to accompany any event.

Bagpipes are used frequently to add a special significance to various occasions. They can be as unobtrusive or as much in the foreground as you would like.